I used Saba Afrin deodorant and this has a strong and long lasting
jasmine fragrance. I personally like floral fragrances and I really
liked this one. This is alcohol free so it does not give burning
sensation on the skin. Would like to see more fragrances like this.


I was doing research about Vegan or no alcohol deodorants when I came
across the Saba brand. Based on the generally good reviews, I decided to give it a try, choosing the Filza scent because I liked the Pink pack.
So far, I REALLY love this product. . It is long lasting, you need only a very little at one time to work effectively, it does not feel sticky and seems to have no negative effects on my skin. It is not meant to keep you from perspiring. Also when I applied this on my clothes there was ZERO staining. I'm looking forward to using this product well into the future.

Amreen Usama

I recently tried out this body spray and I must say that it is so good! It gives a long lasting freshness and smells amazing! Best part about this spray it is halal certified and alcohol free. Also, the longevity of the fragrance is great and i feel fresh throughout the day! I don't like the smell of heavy perfumes, and this makes for such a great alternative!
It comes in a nice travel friendly packaging and I've traveled with it to a lot of places! I love spritzing it all over my
body and my body smells so good and makes me feel fresh all day long!

Nausheen Siddiqui

Choosing Saba Halal & Vegan cosmetics in Singapore

Saba cosmetics are all-natural non-toxic 100% halal & Vegan personal care products. Our cosmetics come with zero alcohol, zero parabens and absolutely no najis ingredients. Our French Formula of breathable Saba Nail paints allows water to reach your skin. We make our cosmetic products under the best manufacturing practices with no unfair labour, no hazardous material and zero animal testing. These cosmetic products are certified halal & vegan products with 100% halal compliance based on Hadith and Quran. If you are Vegan, then you can use our products without worry.

Our Philosophy behind making the Best Halal & Vegan skincare products

We believe that God accepts our sincere intentions to live by his principles. Living in compliance with Halal principles is a way of life. Like behavior, habits and activities, Halal extends to personal care products too. Saba’s cosmetic products are handcrafted with the wealth of knowledge contained in Indian and Middle Eastern herbal traditions. Our cosmetic products are not merely natural but also pure, vegan and free of najis ingredients. It is manufactured in strict compliance to Quran and Hadith and in compliance with Vegan certified ingredients.


How to choose the best halal cosmetics in Singapore?

Halal cosmetics don’t contain najis ingredients. The best way to recognise halal cosmetics is to look at the ingredients list. You can prefer brands that are halal certified. Saba personal care products are absolutely halal. They contain no najis ingredients. Additionally we have ensured that our products don’t contain harsh chemicals that harm your skin.

Can Muslim women use Saba personal care products?

According to Quran women should only use Halal items. Saba Personal care products are absolutely halal and so Muslim women can use our skin care products.

Does Saba have all the products for complete skin care routine?

Saba makes A-Z products for your skin care routine. We have neem and turmeric face wash, and Aloe Vera soothing gel that are enough for an all-round skin care routine. Clean your face with neem or turmeric face wash, and apply Aloe Vera soothing gel before bed time. You will see considerable changes in your skin if you follow this routine.

Are Saba Skin Care products vegan?

The best thing about Saba Skin Care product is that we use absolutely no animal derived ingredients in our skin care products. Our skin care products are not only halal, they are vegan as well.