Angel of Skin care - Aloe Vera

                               Angel of Skin Care - Aloe Vera

Everyone has come across aloe vera products once in their lifetimes. Many people buy aloe Vera product while we are here contemplating its miraculous effects.

Just like the famous turmeric paste from our grandma’s hands is an all-rounder solution for every kind of cuts and inflammations; Aloe Vera is like a sibling to it serving as a one and only cure for all skin related ailments.

No matter how many ailments you are having, a gentle touch of this god’s messenger is enough to relief us from the agonizing pain inflicted on us by burns. Whether it is acne or rash, dryness or scales on skin, a drop of this miraculous nectar is enough to calm down the crazy reaction occurring in our bodies.

Aloe Vera is an extract of a type of cactus. Can you believe something so strange looking is hiding a potential medicine inside it. Majority of beauty products in the world use aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has become another name for self care with several soothing, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and anti viral properties.

But what is so special about this?

Cactus is having small leaves growing beside the thorns. Apart from that we fully aware of the environmental conditions in which these plants usually survive. Yes, you guessed it right! in desserts obviously. The harsh climate has evolved the nature of the plant making it store more nutrients and water for survival purpose.

Aloe Vera plants are severed from between to extract the bitter transparent gooey substance which happens to be the true form of aloe vera. 96% of water and several vitamins like A, C, E gives it an upper edge in nutritive qualities.


There are several ways you came make use of Aloe Vera gel.  Saba Family is providing the special tried and tested formulas just for you guys.

#Total Moisturizer Aloe vera-

Take a bowl with 2 spoons of Besan (Chick pea flour), quarter teaspoon turmeric, some drops of rose water and star of our show pure aloe vera gel. Make a paste out of it and apply on whole face and neck. After 15- 20-minute rinse it off with cold water. See the miracle happening just after single try.

#Aloe Vera scrub for all Skin types

For removal of dead skin and providing moisture at the same time we have brought a perfect recipe for you guys. In a cup of pure aloe vera gel add 2 teaspoon of brown sugar and a small shot of lemon juice. Stir this paste thoroughly and scrub on your face gently. Rinse it off after a minute or true.

#Acne savior Aloe vera

Pimple popping around unwanted times seem like a bad luck at times. To turn this into a good day let’s bring you the ultimate good luck charm for skin aloe vera. Make a paste out of 3 ingredients including, aloe vera, rose water and tea tree oil. The application of this paste once a day, will bring down the inflammation, reducing the redness and bumps across our faces.

It is always possible to not get any one ingredient when you need it the most. Don’t get disheartened as Saba cosmetics has come up with the brand-new Saba’s advanced active all day hydrating and acne reducing aloe vera gel.


#Sensitivity stabilizer Aloe vera

Have you noticed yourself looking like a ripe tomato after coming from a sunny day workout regime. Surely, we have a solution for everything. Let’s add the magic of cucumber juice and rose water to our aloe vera gel. Apply it for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. The tan and sensitivity will be gone with a blink of an eye.

#Glossy Hair with Aloe Vera

Most important thing after our skin care routine that comes to our mind is about the condition of our hair. Over all-in-one remedy is back to bring to some smooth shiny Rapunzel hair.

You can use aloe vera gel along with coconut gel which will be a cost-efficient alternative for your hair care. And if you are not a big fan of all those chemical conditioners just like us, mixing aloe vera with water will turn out to be an even better alternative.

Nevertheless, we are always in a hurry and doesn’t have the time or patience to buy ingredients and make a DIY product out of it. Seems like a hell load of work too. We are proving you with even better products with much effective results in less time. Check out our Saba’s Aqua Pure Aloe Vera gel.

Have a glowing day with a glowing skin and shiny hair.