Give your Nails a beautiful & healthy look with Halal and Breathable Nail Polish!

Nowadays, ladies are much more concerned with what beauty & skin care products are really made up of, before putting them on their skin, hair or nails. Females, especially the Muslims are paying great attention to halal products.

‘Halal’ means permissible or lawful while ‘haram’ means forbidden, according to Arabic language. As such, the Islam women are more concerned about halal beauty products. Saba’s personal care has launched best breathable halal nail polish that are not made up of pig fat, blood , alcohol or other animal ingredients and harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens or any other toxic materials that may cause irritation or rashes on your skin. Established in 2018, ICPG owns the Saba personal care beauty and skin care products, these are Halal & Vegan certified beauty & cosmetic brand based in Singapore that spreads its network in India through Innovative Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. based out in New Delhi.

Wudu Friendly
In Islam religion wearing nail polish is not forbidden; however, when Muslim women before praying perform ritual washing or wudu (wudhu), it is believed that wearing nail polish the praying woman is not in a prayer-ready state and thus is impure, since the nail polish is not washable. Therefore, under Islamic law prayer with nail polish is not permissible. With Saba’s breathable nail polish which are not only halal, but are also made of materials that allow oxygen and water to seep through nails and hence are washable.

Why demand for Halal Nail Polish is growing?
Today, halal nail polish is high in demand because of several reasons. Besides being free from animal ingredients and animal fat, blood, halal and vegan nail polish is produced using natural and organic extracts. Since made from botanical extracts, these nail polishes have a healing and a calming effect. Halal certification assure that the ingredients sourced are not animal based. Saba’s breathable nail polish is Halal and Vegan certified and permits breathability. If nails cannot breathe, they get damaged over time. Hence, breathable nail polish from the house of Saba personal care is a perfect nail wear that makes your nail not only beautiful but healthy, too. Regular wearing these vegan & halal nail polish would not damage your nails, also.

Saba’s personal care nail polish ensures permeability, breathability, halal ingredients compliance, alcohol-free, blood-free, and cruelty-free and is totally organic. So next time when looking for nail polish buy Saba’s halal certified nail polish which give your nails a beautiful and healthy look, always.

Saba Breathable Halal & Vegan Wudhu Friendly Nail Polish