Go Crazy With Colours!

Numerous psychological studies and examinations demonstrate the various effects that colour has on a person's mood or personality. All of this is covered by the discipline of colour psychology, which is a lot of fun!

Want to make your mood happier? Looking for a colour that fit your mood?

Why not have the colour of your psychology painted on your nails?

Even though blue is thought to represent sadness in psychology, you can always find your own special shade of blue that makes you feel the way you want to. This helps you carry the mood you want to.

Here are some nail colours that we know you'll love to wear while you get ready to have a fantastic time!


Burnt Rose

This colour is the ideal fusion of brilliant pink and a faint tinge of coral. With a tan, it looks even better and looks wonderful on all skin tones!


Russian Blue

This frosty blue is one of our pleasant surprise colours; it is quiet but deceptive! This Russian blue, which is always a flattering shade to own, brightens up your nails with a subtle blue wash that nearly makes you yearn for the iconic Tiffany blue! It is lovely and graceful, and it completes the overall look.


Emerald Green

Let them be envious of your nails and turn green! This unique tint was developed with the familiar and beloved green in mind. Why, of course, do we adore Matcha everything? Emerald Green goes great with a splash of colour on your nails, so pair your favourite beverage with her!


Rose Gold

Countless sparkles Rose Gold is our light Nude-like tone with a hefty sprinkle of glitter, a distinct shade of peach than our well-liked colour Burnt Rose. It is obvious that it will make anyone's day better and that you will feel like the enchanted princess that you are!


All of our nail products are halal, and even better, they are wudhu-friendly, which will please you. allowing you to pray while donning our lovely colours. We sent our items to a third-party laboratory to be tested for water permeability, and we passed with flying colours!

They are halal, cruelty-free, and free of the major 5 chemicals typically present in conventional nail polishes because they are made using the best ingredients available in Europe. Everyone of all ages can wear it!

All of the aforementioned colours as well as our other fantastic colours are available here. By adding a splash of colour to your life, you may spread the love to your sisters and friends.