Halal Beauty Products: A Revolution for Cosmetics and Skincare

Halal is an Arabic word that means “lawful.” In Islam, alcohol, blood and pork are not halal, and anything containing these elements is prohibited. Hence, Islamic culture has a deep connection with beauty products, especially in creating perfumes. Their urge to make everything halal has propagated worldwide, and every manufacturer is into making halal cosmetics. Keep scrolling to know about this in detail.

What are Halal Beauty Products?

Halal is, therefore, a way of living a lawful life. Apart from its religious concept, its goodness also attracts people. Halal beauty products are those which are made without any animal products or alcohol. Moreover, halal beauty brands ensure that they do not harm any animal in any way at the time of making these products.

Interlinking of Halal and Vegan Products

This concept also goes with the idea of vegan beauty products, which are also made without harming any animal. So all these products are generally plant-based and have a great effect on your body. For example, halal deodorant is very effective in calming your nerves as they are toxin free and infused with the richness of essential oils.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Halal Beauty Products

Check the following things before you buy any halal beauty product

  • Make sure the products do not contain any kind of animal element extract
  • There should not be any harsh chemicals such as lead, mercury, etc.
  • Products should be completely free from alcohol
  • There should not be any contamination in these products

What is So Special about Saba’s Halal Products?

If you haven’t used any of our halal products yet, you should try one. These products are exclusively made to treat your skin and hair gently. We have a satisfied global customer base for the following reasons:

  1. Gentle on Your Body

Our halal products are always gentle on your skin, whether you choose skin care, hair care, or perfume. For example, our extensive collection of Halal deo is entirely alcohol-free, so it does not dry your skin or give you any burning sensation.

  1. They are Carmine Free

Carmine is a pigment from a bug that is used in making lipsticks. Hence, these creatures are killed in huge numbers to collect this pigment. Further, it may make Muslim people uncomfortable. Thus, we produce carmine-free products with purity.

  1. They are Safe

We are very clear with the ingredients used in our halal products. Moreover, these only have safe, natural elements. Therefore, users can be worry-free while using our halal products.

  1. Filled with Goodness

Our cosmetologists make halal products with much care, without any harmful chemicals. So naturally, these products have a goodness of nature and are greatly impactful on serious skin issues.

Collection of Saba’s Halal Beauty Products

As a leading beauty product manufacturer, Saba has an extensive collection of halal products. Some of these are as follows:

Halal Deodorants: We are a renowned brand of halal deodorant in India. You will have multiple options in our halal deodorant collection, which are toxin-free and long-lasting.

Face Care: Our exclusive collection of halal face care is infused with the purity of all-natural products. Besides, these are suitable for all skin types, including teenagers.

Facial Kit: Bring out your inner glow by using our effective halal facial kit combo pack. This is enriched with nature’s goodness to treat your skin from inside and give you a fresh look.


Hope you have got a comprehensive idea about halal beauty products and their benefits. You just need to be a little cautious while choosing these products. So check the reviews of the products, ingredient list, and brand testimonials to proceed with buying and using.