Make the world around you swoon to your scent with Saba Filza

When it comes to choosing fragrances for day to day use, practicality often trumps our olfactory emotions. Especially when we are purchasing a deodorant, we are often concerned about an array of things from the safety of the product to how long the scent is going to last on us. However, it is now possible to experience a blissfully beautiful scent with Saba Filza which meets all safety norms and is mild on the skin. Let’s look at its virtues that puts it in a different class altogether.

A Discerning Composition designed to Catch Attention

Saba Filza is an exceptional deodorant that has been designed to perfection and can generate exquisite emotions. It epitomises the essence of fun loving youthfulness and its top notes are a testament to its lofty ambitions. When you spray the deodorant, it espouses a fresh juicy citrus fragrance which is tempered by the creamy sweet scent of magnolia. The overall green fruity ambience will instantly draw people to your scent and make you stand out. In the initial moments the scents gives off a rich vibrant floral hue which is a pleasure to experience.

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As the top notes wear off in few minutes, the ethereal scent of rose absolute will make its essence felt as heart notes take over. Combine the timeless aura of rose scent with tinge of jasmine, violet and a mix of tropical nuances and you have striking scent that will make people swoon.

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With time the base notes will make an entry and will stay for long. You will experience the strong diffusive musk laden with a powdery fragrance tempered by elements of sandalwood and ambergris.

Imbibes the Classical Charm of Rose and Lasts the Whole Day

While its eclectic composition earns it a rich pedigree, Saba Filza makes it a point to carefully imbibe the essence of rose. You can always feel the effervescent charm of the romantic rose scent around you and its pleasing effects on your spirit. Filza not only would make you feel fresh and filled with joy, it would also imbibe positivity into your environment.

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Soft and Gentle on your Skin

If you have been searching for a deodorant that does not cause rashes and is pleasant on your skin then look no further than Saba Filza. While it is loaded with three times more perfume that a typical deodorant, care has been taken to avoid any harmful chemicals. So you can safely use this product every day without any risk of rashes or skin hazards.

Completely Free of Alcohol and Animal Products

Saba Filza is completely free of alcohol and is Halal certified. Since it does not contain alcohol, it is expectedly friendlier on your skin and does not cause dryness like typical body sprays. It is also bereft of any animal products which makes it extremely attractive to vegans.