Sulfate Free All Natural Face wash Need Of The Hour?


                          Sulphate Free All Natural Face wash Need Of The Hour?


The world has changed a lot in recent times when people are more aware of what they want in particular. The right to information has brought us all the details required for us to carry on with our daily needs too, whether it is looking into expiry dates or contents of your favourite products. I bet you must have done this once in a while. Have you ever come across the contents of your everyday face wash? Why not, it is equally important? Sulfate is among one the hideous element present here and there in cosmetic products. Nobody wants to cleanse themselves with detergent nor do they want to be rugged by septic soaps.


What is this suspicious content that is harming us all this while?


The big letters in the front just tell us about the flashy commercial substance which is for sure helpful no doubt; for instance, every day since the pandemic has started we are pretty much seeing Vitamin C everywhere. Is it doing any harm? Not at all. But spare some time to look for these words in the back of your face wash; “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate”, “Sodium Laureth Sulfate”, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate”. Go ahead and check right now and if you come across any of them; the time has come to let go of such products. These are all sulfate compounds working day and night to deprive us of healthy naturally moisturized skin.


Why detergent chemicals are not our first choice in face washes?


Now that you have seen the real contents, why don’t we ask ourselves how does it feels after the first use of your product? Normally it should make you feel fresh with a baby's soft skin, but what we get actually is dry irritated skin. Then again application of another cosmetic to get the same effect seems like a bad deal to me. Not only it is being harsh on your skin but also heavy on your pocket too. To cut the production cost by using cheap contents (Sulfate) and making you cleverly buy another product from them with the same chemicals is the real strategy here.

Some of you might know that our body has special pores named sebaceous glands which generally secret oils. Sulfate is a good remover of excess oil with the formation of foam, but the rough cleansing effect leaving a dull and dry skin makes it a bad candidate. The more you lose moisturizing oils, the more you’re prone to acne, rashes, small bumps, and dull and ageing skin with much more wrinkles. So switch to a world where sulfate no longer exists.



Let’s get introduced to Sulfate-free products by Saba Personal Care


Yes, the truth is out and Saba Personal care is among one the sole providers of Sulfate-free face washes and soaps. Not only they are affordable but extremely moisturizing; substituted with natural organic contents. Saba Personal Care has something for everybody including Saba Daily Moisturizing facewash, Neem Facewash for acne , Aloe vera based moisturizers, Natural walnut scrub with long-lasting effects, deodorants and soaps too. Even Vegan and Halal products are in your reach, how amazing is that.


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