What are Breathable Nail Polishes?


When looking for nail paint, look for terms like breathable, water-permeable, and wudhu-friendly. Saba That is nothing new for Breathable.

While many of you have heard about our range of nail polishes known as water permeable, Do any of you realise what constitutes a breathable nail paint?

I'm here to help you understand.

Here's some biology for you. Our nails, like our skin, need oxygen and water to stay healthy..

The use of "non-breathable" paints suffocates the nails, causing them to become thinner, brittle, and sensitive. Your nails are deprived of moisture as the lacquer functions as a robust barrier towards oxygen and water particles. The more you apply these paints, the weaker your nails get. When you prepare your fingernails before applying the new coat of lacquer, this might weaken them and cause pain. To avoid this, search for a nail paint that is not just breathable but is also free of at least five of the most common hazardous compounds present in most conventional nail polishes.

Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor are the five compounds to avoid.

If you notice yellowing or discoloration of your fingernails, there may be a few causes.

They are stained by the harsh colours and colors used for the nail paint formula, or perhaps the formula comprises Formaldehyde as an active ingredient.

Formaldehyde is dangerous because it causes a chemical change with the protein named keratin in our fingernails, leading them towards becoming fragile and yellow!

That's why we sought to make water-permeable nail paints that are also free of dangerous chemicals. This makes our solution thinner and lighter to apply, resulting in a faster drying time without sacrificing pigmentation.

Did you see this first time review on our polish?

We hope this addresses all of your burning questions about breathable nail paints! If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us at Make sure to check out our nail paints right now!!  

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