What is Halal Nail Polish - water permerable? wudhu friendly? How can I know this for sure?

As 21st century women, we are looking at ways to be more modern with the changing world. But the choice of being true to our faith can only be done by us...right?

With so many cosmetics, right from nail colors to perfume to lip sticks, our choices represent what we are. As all of us know, we cannot pray with normal nail polish as they are not wudhu friendly. They are neither air permeable not water permeable. That only leaves the option of Henna and it can be a cumbersome experience for lot of us. Imagine what happens when the nail polish is Halal friendly as well as water permeable. That means, the ingredients cannot be Najis/Haram and it should allow water to pass through to the nail-bed. 

Saba is a brand that understands the daily life of a Muslim man or woman and brings products that improve the quality of living through trust and faith. Our products are Halal & Vegan certified.  Each product goes through stringent quality tests to make sure that what you get is a product that you can trust.

Saba Breathable Nail Polish is an innovative product that fulfils the requirements of Halal Nail polish. Our French formulated Nail polish is not only Water permeable but also Air permeable. It is also free to 12 harmful chemicals which are used in regular nail polishes.


The Water Permeability test is best to be tested in the lab, but alas, not all of us may have access to the Lab to test such products. Hence, we figured out a lab like test which you can do at home.  

To test this at home yourself, you need the following:

1) Saba Breathable nail polish

2) Clear Glass, preferably more than 200 ml

3) Room temperature Clear water

4) Most important - Alka Seltzer tablet or antacid tablets (the ones which give fizz when they come in contact with water.  


1) Take one Alka seltzer tablet,

2) Open your favorite Saba Breathable nail polish of your choice

3) Apply two coats of the nail polish on the tablet. Please do not apply more than two coats. The more the coats, means less permeable. 

4) Let it dry.

5) Once the tablet is dry, put this in a clear glass full of room temperature water. 

6) Within few seconds, you should see the bubbles coming from the Alka Seltzar tablets. This reflects that water was able to pass through. 

Voila! Simple isn't it. Do let us know if you tested the way we have defined and do share your results with us. By the way, we also have our Lab results in our website. Do check them as well.  

Saba Breathable Nail Polish also uses no harmful chemicals, no animal-derivatives and is made for your pious moments. Choose a colour that matches your personality and your faith from the wide range of Saba Breathable range available on our website and other ecommerce platforms. 

Lovingly Made for the faithful!

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