Winters are here - go for a long lasting deodorant with a floral scent

Some of the best things in life can be best enjoyed in winter – from sipping a hot cuppa in the chilly evening breeze to lazing around a bonfire. Every weather has its own charms and one can enjoy it fully if we absorb its essence and play along. Now when winters are here, you would invariably tend to put on warmer clothes but have you thought about changing your scent. Well, we have listed down some handy tips for choosing an apt scent for your deodorant in winter for you to consider.

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In winters go for a more potent uplifting scent

In a cooler climate, the scent of your deodorant takes time to disperse. This is owing to the fact that colder air makes the movement of scent molecules positively slower. Also, our sensitivity to smell is remarkably lower in winters than in summer. Hence it is imperative that you choose a more potent rich smell. We would suggest you to try out Saba Afrin which has a long-lasting fragrance that is apt for the cold season and can lift your mood even in a chilly climate.

Scents tend to fade away in winter – go with a deodorant that offers a long-lasting fragrance

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In winter our skin tends to get dry and it becomes difficult for scent molecules to stick onto your skin. In fact, the scent of your deodorant will rapidly evaporate in winter as compared to summers. In such a scenario one should ideally go with a deodorant that has more perfume and can last for nearly twenty-four hours. Also it always advisable to keep yourself hydrated in winter. Drink lots of water and if possible take occasional warm showers. Also, keep your time in the shower short to prevent drying your skin and avoid excessively hot water.

It is interesting to note that sometimes we smell differently in winter. Since we typically wear layers of clothing in winters, the degree of perspiration in our body increases leading to what is commonly known as winter odor. Hence a long-lasting deodorant is a must in winter to keep you feeling fresh all through the day.

Rose infused floral scents are often the best choice

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While there can be many scents that one can wear in winters from spicy warm scents to oriental fragrances with earthy hues; opting for a classic rose-infused floral scent is a safe choice. Rose scents have been tried successfully in winters for ages by women across different geographies and have received universal acclaim. Such scents tend to be youthful and can work as a mood enhancer on dull winter nights. In fact, some women even prefer wearing rose scents to bed as it improves their sleep and induces positivity. Now if you are looking for a youthful and simmering rose scent then look no further than Saba Filza. It has been carefully designed to be soft on your skin and is completely bereft of alcohol. Thus you do not have the risk of developing skin rashes on dry wintery skin. Moreover, it is free of irritation causing chemicals and can stay long enough for a whole day.